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Welcome to the web page of Hacettepe University Swallowing Disorders Research and Application Center (YUBAM).

YUBAM was founded by Hacettepe University according to the decision number 28482, which is published in official journal in 29 November 2012. Its physical structure is about to be constituted in the campus of Hacettepe University.

The patients with swallowing disorders and their relatives who want to get in contact with YUBAM apply to Hacettepe University, Faculty of Health Sciences, Department of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation, Swallowing Disorders Unit after the diagnosis of swallowing disorders. The treatment of swallowing problems are carried out in Swallowing Disorders Unit first and then if necessary, the patients are referred to other departments. Similarly, our members participate to courses and seminars which handle by various branches of science and inform other professionals with organizing some seminars, symposiums, panels and congresses.


The Third Congress of Swallowing Disorders will be held in Wyndham Hotel, Ankara, between 4-6 December 2014.
Click to see the congress program.